Destinol - The Natural Treatment For Curing Bacterial Vaginosis

Destinol is the answer to a more confident and comfortable you.

As an aid in eliminating vaginal odor, Destinol offers a natural solution to a very common problem among women. Vaginal odor is caused by a condition called Bacterial Vaginosis, which is the most common vaginal infection millions of women suffer from. Suffer may sound like a strong word, but when you are uncomfortable with your own body, can't find a resolution for the issue and lose your desire to be intimate, then a word like suffer only seems to scratch the surface.
Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) can control your life in more ways than you are aware.

To start with, many women aren't comfortable talking about the issue and many go untreated or misdiagnosed. Even with proper diagnosis, prescription medications may only clear up the issue for a short while and then the vaginal odor, the burning and itch return after months. Destinol is intended to help treat the problem and not just the symptoms. Unlike prescription medications, Destinol works with the body's natural processes to encourage a gentler, more gradual approach to change your body's pH balance. Some medications used in treating vaginal odor are messy and time consuming like creams, ointments and wipes. These treatments are supposed to help relieve symptoms like burning, redness, irritation and itch. Other suggested remedies include using fragrance free deodorants, detergents and soaps, wearing loose clothes, and only wearing cotton underwear. These suggestions limit your choice in the clothes you wear and the hygiene products you use. Destinol offers results without limiting other areas of your life.
While Bacterial Vaginosis can be present without any symptoms, common symptoms include:
Fishy vaginal odor (present even after bathing)
Grayish-white discharge with an unpleasant scent
Tenderness and irritation in the vaginal area
Continual vaginal itching
Feelings of self-consciousness can carry into your personal life and intimate life.


Closeness between you and your partner is an important aspect of your relationship. If you aren't confident in your own body and how you feel about yourself, those moments can be ruined. Destinol can bring intimacy back into your life. When you feel fresh, you feel at your best. Some treatments, like creams and ointments, can lead to other concerns and cautious in regards to the clothing you wear. No woman wants to feel like she has to avoid her bikini or favorite pair of lace panties because she is worried about noticeable discharge or odor. Destinol's ingredients work to eliminate odor and discharge in as little as seven days. Stop letting yourself and personal choices be dictated by BV.
How Destinol works:


Destinol provides relief from BV symptoms quickly in order for you to regain confidence about yourself. As a non-chemical, natural solution, Destinol offers a safe alternative to prescription medications. Bacterial Vaginosis occurs when there is a lower level of Lactobacilli ("good" bacteria) present in the vagina. When an imbalance takes place, Anaerobes ("bad" bacteria) increase in number and cause BV to occur. In a healthy vagina, there are more Lactobacilli present, which helps maintain the necessary pH level needed to continually kill off and check the amount of "bad" bacteria in production. The normal pH range for the vagina's acidic environment is between 3.8 and 4.5. A healthy vagina with a pH within the proper range will be able to maintain and balance the bacteria that normally keep "bad" bacteria from increasing. Alterations in the pH balance can occur for a few different reasons: frequently using douche products, use of antibiotics, or use of feminine-hygiene products are among the most common.

Destinol helps you balance pH levels so that your body naturally rids itself of BV and with continual use will maintain the proper levels of Lactobacilli needed to keep you feeling healthy and fresh.