Bacterial Vaginosis

Destinol offers the simplest and most effective way to liberate, avoid and inhibit bacterial vaginosis, while freeing you from unpleasant scents.


Bacterial vaginosis, often used synonymously with vaginal odor, is the result of an overload of bad bacteria in the body, which then leads to an infection. The infection causes this unpleasant odor. It’s most common among women of childbearing age, but it can affect anyone.


To prevent and treat bacterial vaginosis, see the outline below.


Three Step-Guide to Treat and Prevent Bacterial Vaginosis:

  1. Be an Exterminator – Use Destinol to kill bad bacteria. Another option is to use other natural remedies for bacterial vaginosis, but our formula combines numerous natural ingredients, which make it more effective than just one alone.

  2. Reestablish Lactobacilli (good bacteria) – Destinol already takes care of this with its special formulation. If you wish to do so by dieting alone, eating foods like yogurt can help.

  3. Build an Atmosphere that Inhibits Bad Bacteria – Some things are proven to make it impossible for bad bacteria to grow. Rather than playing host to bad bacteria, try these instead:


  • Avoid tight fitted pants or undergarments
  • Reduce the length of time you stay in a damp swimsuit
  • Reduce the use of feminine hygiene products or douches
  • Limit bubble baths
  • Limit sugar and up live cultures in your diet



Step with care and tact, and remember that life’s a great balancing act. Relax though, and find your footing with Destinol – to calm vaginal odors and bacterial vaginosis.


Conventional methods of bacterial vaginosis elimination chemically eat away at the body’s natural microorganisms, or are too harsh. This leads toward antibiotics that are usually prescribed. Destinol however, is the original, one-step solution for BV, which combines herbs for long-lasting relief. It’s set in in a capsule, making Destinol very efficient, quick and more hygienic than messy creams and gels.


Destinol is also commitment-free, so don’t hesitate to make a purchase.