Boric Acid Suppositories for Bacterial Vaginosis

Boric acid suppositories for treating bacterial vaginosis are quite common. The truth is, boric acid really carries antibacterial and antifungal properties to clear the bacteria up, when used as directed.

Since bacterial vaginosis is not fully understood, doctors most likely will write a prescription for antibiotics, as these will treat a number of infections in the body. This leads to recurrences because the infection itself is caused by an overgrowth in bacteria.

Chronic bacterial vaginosis is characterized by multiple recurrences in the space of a twelve-month period. When this happens, it’s time to get another cure apart from antibiotics. As mentioned earlier, homemade remedies include boric acid suppositories.

Boric acid suppositories are usually used for 14 days at bedtime, or one suppository in the morning and evening, for 10 days. Side effects are reported to be burning and irritation. Capsules of boric acid can be made yourself by obtaining the acid at a pharmacy and following the instructions on homemade natural remedy sites. On the other hand, you can buy premade capsules over the counter as well. 

Though boric acid is indeed effective, do you really want to use a chemical that’s used in applications for pest exterminations – inside your body? Do you really want to endure burning and irritation for two weeks at a time? We sure hope not.

Chronic bacterial vaginosis can be treated without you going through these lengths for a cure.

Women suffering from this problem try a number of things like homemade remedies, natural herbs, prescription antibiotics, and more. If any of these were effective in preventing recurrences then there would be only one go-to treatment for bacterial vaginosis.

Now there is – Destinol.

If you are suffering from chronic BV infections, there is a better way to treat and get rid of it altogether. Your body is a temple, so treat it like one by getting back your balance with a natural and gentle formula – like Destinol.

There is no messy suppository, gel or cream, neither will you experience burning, itching or irritation while using this treatment for bacterial vaginosis. It’s a pill that you take daily, which restores your body to good pH levels. Used properly, the symptoms of bacterial vaginosis will clear up within a few days and leave you feeling and smelling clean and fresh.