Ways to Prevent Bacterial Vaginosis

Bacterial vaginosis, commonly referred to as BV, whose most common symptoms include a fish like odor and a gray, thin discharge, is especially stubborn to get rid of. If you’re one of women who suffers from the pain and embarrassment of vaginal odor, try the following tips. This brief article will examine prevention methods for bacterial vaginosis, since prevention is always better than finding a cure.

Since BV recurrence rates are quite high, there is a lot of research being conducted to eliminate the problem entirely. The medical community does not know why BV reoccurs. What they do know is that it’s caused by a bacterial imbalance, and this imbalance can be the result of one or several actions.

You cannot contract BV from restrooms, linen, pools or touch and contact. In other words, it is not contagious and men aren’t usually treated.

Things you can do for bacterial vaginosis prevention include revamping your diet and feminine hygiene to consist of:


  • Wiping from the front to back, every time you urinate or have a bowel movement
  • Wear cotton underwear, which is helpful in preventing yeast infections also
  • Douching isn’t advised, since it messes up the normal balance of the body
  • Avoid feminine products that wash away normal pH levels
  • Try using mild and unscented soaps
  • Use warm water when cleaning and limit the amount of bubble baths you take per week
  • Limit sexual partners and use a condom always
  • Drink a lot of water to keep hydrated and also for eliminating toxins in the body
  • Change sanitary napkins and tampons frequently
  • Consume yogurt daily, especially those that contain live cultures or probiotics
  • Limit the amount of  sugar you consume as excess sugar can activate bad bacteria


Medicines for BV are normally prescribed and it’s important to use them as directed. Some over the counter natural medicines for BV have been introduced on the market also, which is an option if you suffer from BV very often.

As discussed earlier, no exact cause has been identified when it comes to BV, except the knowledge that excessive bad bacteria ignites the infection. As a result of this single diagnosis, the best treatment is to care for the bad bacteria and maintain the balance of good bacteria.

Supplemental treatments for bacterial vaginosis like Destinol are effective in maintaining the balance of good bacteria. This treatment option can be administered daily to keep away the BV infection for good. To learn more about this supplemental treatment for BV, go here.