Vaginal Smell

Vaginal smell may be due to bacterial vaginosis, vaginal infections, yeast infections or other underlying reasons. Other culprits include poor hygiene, forgotten tampons or STDs. This can be misleading however, as even women who take proper care of themselves  are often plagued by recurring infections like BV for reasons that are misunderstood.


How to Avoid Vaginal Smells

Homemade remedies for vaginal smells are gossiped in women’s circles to be the all-purpose baby wipes. Using it each time you go can help to control vaginal odors. Also, cranberry juice, pineapple and baby oil are said to neutralize vaginal scents. Cranberry juice is usually recommended by doctors to counteract bacteria in the urinary tract system. This bacteria is usually what causes the smell in the first place, as whatever infection you may have is accompanied by a discharge of bacteria.


Now, formulas like Destinol are making vaginal smell a thing of the past, as it works within your body to eliminate bad bacteria that causes infections like BV. It should be noted that if you have a more serious condition like an STD, you’ll need to see a doctor.

As Destinol relieves bacteria that causes this smell, you can quickly regain your confidence and always smell good.


Persistent vaginal odors may leave many women confused. If you’ve cleaned the area thoroughly or have exercised prevention methods for bacterial vaginosis, you may need to give Destinol a try. Doctors will most likely prescribe an antibiotic for a bacterial vaginosis infection. But if it’s repeated every few months, it’s time to nix your antibiotic for vaginal odor.


Antibiotics hardly prevent bad bacteria from returning and for this reason; you need a solution like Destinol, which keeps good bacteria in check, and bad bacteria out of your system for good.


Think of Destinol as a safe bleach that kills 99.9% of bad bacteria and keeps your internal system fresh and clean. The only difference is, it’s all-natural. When your body’s system is free from bad bacteria, your vaginal fluids will be produce normal scents rather than unpleasant odors.